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Luiz Valério P.Trindade
Criação: Fox Solution
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There are certain particular moments in life when we are caught wondering whether miracles can actually happen. At first sight, they may look like something so supernatural and unlikely to occur that, not surprisingly, many people can question the possibility of them ever taking place. Having said that, to accurately identify and explain the origin of peoples’ doubt about the likelihood of miracles it is a difficult task to accomplish that certainly would demand further study, but out of some careful reflection and observation I consider that chances are that it may have been influenced by misconceptions of how miracles can happen or manifest themselves. There may be an idea that they eventually happen in fantastic and fabulous way or that all of a sudden a thunder falls from the skies and we are granted an unimaginable blessing capable of sorting out all of our problems, anxieties, and faults once and for all with a single touch.


As a matter of fact, I reason that oftentimes when we personally and deeply invoke the Lord in prayer asking for a blessing miracle in the face of any particular endeavour or difficulty, our inner wish may, in fact, be that our request is heard and met if not immediately, but at least in the foreseeable near future. And this comment is not done as some sort of a negative critique. It is in fact just a brief analysis of human nature given that this is a quite normal behaviour and it may manifest itself quite unconsciously. Supposedly though that whatever we pray for unfolds itself soon afterwards, if not in full but as close as possible to what we had wished for or dreamed about, then it may be easier to relate cause and effect. Or in another word, there is a trend that the person may relate the gift received as a direct result of his/her prayers. Fair enough.


Nevertheless, that is not always the case because in many occasions, the blessings (or gifts) may be granted quite diversely from what we had prayed for and, consequently, this circumstance may lead people to think that miracles are rare or even that they do not happen at all. But that is far from the truth firstly due to the fact that the Lord always lend an ear to our prayers given that He can listen to what it is within our hearts, and second He grants us what we really need since He wants nothing more than our happiness, well-being and our growth in faith and love. More importantly, He grants the blessings in the way that He knows it will be better both for our present and future. In another word, this means that sometimes we may pray, let us say, for a big capital letter A (figuratively speaking) and instead of that we may receive a small letter d in return, however, that does not mean whatsoever that what we have received is less valuable than what we had requested. It may be just slightly, or completely different because in Him lays the full knowledge, and His decisions are meant to provide us with what will effectively add a lasting difference in our lives and fulfil our needs even if initially we do not fully realise or understand that because our vision has a much shorter reach than His.


Therefore, in conclusion, what life has taught me over the years is that in fact miracles do happen and in a much larger frequency that we can even imagine. They may not occur in an extraordinary and extravagant way as peoples’ imagination can sometimes create. They come in a variety of forms, oftentimes in very subtle and discrete forms and frequently quite differently from what people had envisioned in their prayers. But the bottom line is that they come to you. What is demanded of us though is to fine tune our senses in order to be able to notice the bigger picture, because by the end of the day, the small letter d we have received may in effect be much larger than the big capital letter A that we had originally wished for and to our surprise add a much more profound and lasting effect in our lives.

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